Cat Impianti, specializing in the design, implementation and maintenance heating, cooling, air conditioning, water systems, electrical installations and hi-tech systems, is present in this sector for over 35 years and operates throughout the national territory. 

The company has implemented a structure that is able to assist and satisfy the customer at all stages of construction. It starting with the search for the best solution and then moving to the preliminary assessment and feasibility study, up to the design, construction and commissioning of the plant. 

Cat Impianti follows the client and the work with a prompt and assistance. 

From the outset, the company's goal has always been the full satisfaction of its customers and in order to ensure professionalism, adequate quality and competitiveness, Cat Impianti provides to  the continuous training of its staff and an accurate selection of products and suppliers. 

In recent years, the focus on energy saving and environmental impact have led the company to specialize in the latest generation of plants with a high tech content such as geothermal plants, those of solar cooling, cogeneration, photovoltaics and heat pumps, acquiring a specific know-how. Cat Impianti offers to its customers an after sales service with ad hoc packages for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations both civil and industrial and commercial. 

With the collaboration with companies operating in the finishes Cat Impianti is able to offer a turnkey service for the renovation of buildings, shops and offices.


Highly qualified and constantly update staff, thirty years of experience, proven tune of the technical group: are the engine of a reality that allows customers to find a reliable partner in Cat Impianti able to operate throughout national territory.